On Wednesday 19th September, the official announcement and welcome occurred:

“Welcome to all new @IrishResearch scholars and fellows!”


Among the 75 awardees for University College Dublin, I read my name with pride and delight. I want to take this opportunity to say “Many, many thanks to many, many people” who supported, encouraged, and with much loyalty believed in my ability. Throughout my fifty-four years, I have worked hard and always tried to reach my best version of me, at times this was successful, at times not but I never stopped trying. To those who doubted or underestimated my resolute ability to achieve, give your hands, and jump on board with the majority on the Kearney PhD train. You will enjoy the journey!!!!

Dolores Kearney IRC Scholar

The title for my research work is “Weaving stories: Reconstructing the manufacture, uses and discarding of textiles and cloth in Early Medieval Ireland and beyond, AD 500-11oo”.

I have a Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Textilesinarchaeology/

A Twitter account which will detail the activities of the UCD Experimental Textile Archaeology Group:https://twitter.com/UCDExperimentex and of course, on here, I will add updates.

Once again, many thanks to everyone xxx

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